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Published on: 2020.01.21

Hear the world-famous throat singing here in Mongolia.

Throat singing is Mongolia's invaluable contribution to the world. Although this type of unique s...

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Published on: 2020.01.20

Kublai Khan established the first Pony Express

Kublai Khan established the first Pony Express-style postal services in Mongolia about 1,000 yea...

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Published on: 2020.01.17

World's Oldest National Park is Here in Mongolia.

Mongolia has the oldest National Park in the world. Lying just south of Ulaanbaatar the Bogd Kha...

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Published on: 2020.01.16

Country of the last wild horses.

Mongolian native horses are called takhi, the Mongol word for “spirit,” and have 66 chromosomes,...

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Published on: 2020.01.15

Wrestling /Bökh/ has been Mongolian tradition for a long time.

In Mongolia, wrestling is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, perhaps further than re...

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Published on: 2020.01.14

Mongolian horseman might have invented ice cream.

There is a theory that Mongolian horseman may have invented ice cream, when they took cream in c...

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