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About Mongolia

One of the last remaining nomadic cultures and direct descendants of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia is truly a unique destination. Population wise it is a small country of 3.2 million people however geographically it is rather large, 1.5 million square km /600,000 sq miles/. Whilst Ulaanbaatar the capital city attracts half the population and is rushing towards development, nomadic herders in the countryside are grazing their animals in the wide-open countryside, leaving harmonically with Mother Nature.
Mongolia has so much to offer when it comes to traveling

  • Snow-capped mountains in the west: home to Eagle hunters and well-preserved culture of ethnic minority groups
  • Lakes and forest in the north: reindeers and yak herders thriving for their place through times of transition
  • Gobi desert in the south: camels and goats roam free in the endless vastness of the steppe
  • Rocky mountains in the east: traces of most interesting geology, flora, and birds.
  • Mongolians are proud of their history, often found quoting from Chinggis Khaan, emperor of the largest contiguous empire on earth.
  • The Mongolian language is one of a kind, an independent language group as of 2017, beautifully scripted in calligraphy.
  • Mongolian culture is vibrant, from its colorful variety of traditional costumes to the Naadam Festival and horse races.