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Found in wonderful surroundings and the breathtaking environment with ancient dinosaur remains, the camp offers traditional style, superb service, and sophisticated adventure tours.

Located in the northwest 62 km from Dalanzadgad, the center of Umnugobi province, this extraordinary camp serves as a convenient base to experience the mysteries of the desert, whether hiking, horse trekking, camel trekking, photographing indigenous wildlife, visiting nomadic herders’ family and exploring the daily life of desert nomads.

The highlight of the camp creates a relaxing atmosphere where guests can lounge and enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the Mongolian outback. The large wooden terrace is a perfect place to behold the extraordinary view of the desert and Gobi m,0irage while enjoying a cold drink and dessert from our fully stocked bar. Therefore when you sit around a campfire observing brilliant night stars in the fair blue sky is unforgettable and remarkable.

The ‘Dream Gobi’ Tourist Camp offers all you need as a base for you to have your adventurous activities and relax in this peaceful environment.

N43’54’31,7” E103’51’53,7”

Traditional style and superb service create a wonderful experience

Traditionally furnished with beautifully painted wood-framed beds and furniture lodge is built in an outstanding architectural style. Western-style bathroom and shower facilities are located in the lodge. Authentic and memorable taste of Mongolian culture allows you to visit the remote Gobi Desert in comfort.

We are proud of our superb service and cuisine. Our professional staff members are happy to fulfill all the expectations of valued guests and to share their knowledge about the desert.

In modern spacious ger restaurant with capacity of 80-100 persons you can select from Mongolian and Western dishes, made by highly qualified professional cook. Meal is prepared by new, fresh food and vegetables, which are supplied from agricultural center-Bulgan soum of Gobi region.


Simple elegance lodge will give you the opportunities to enjoy meeting other guests and playing billiards or sharing travelers tales in its playing room. You could visit nomad herders family near the camp and enjoy horse trekking and camel trekking and also experience the daily life of desert nomads.


  • Reception area
  • Accommodations
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Laundry service
  • Western-style bathroom and shower facilities
  • Attendants for each room
  • Ger restaurant with capacity of 80-100 persons
  • Excursions accompanied by a local field guide


Conveniently located near Ulaanbaatar city, Terelj Hills Lodge welcomes our visitors with a heartfelt smile and care. This is a family-friendly environment where children can have fun outside with the small pool or inside their very own playroom. We have recreational activities for weekend getaways, child-friendly menu, and options for hotel or ensuite gers. 

We host scholars, counselors, and peers to share their experiences and help us learn more about Terelj National Park, one of the most unique and interesting natural formations in our fully equipped study rooms. 

Your stay at our lodge will ensure a great learning experience, an opportunity to try new things, create beautiful memories and bond with your family.

N47’52’26,57” E107’25’51’,54”


Located on the bank of Khuvsgul Lake, surrounded by larch forest, your stay at our ger lodge will be private, pleasant and panoramic. The morning sun lights up the dining room for breakfast with the smell of fresh coffee and wood fire. A boat ride to the most scenic spots of this immense freshwater lake is followed by a hike up a panoramic hill. There are many choices for delicious meals and a small bonfire by the lakeshore in the evening with wine and chocolate.

Your ger, comfortable and warm, and with your own bathroom will be a welcome change after the exploration of the area. You can start your next day riding well-trained Mongolian horses and visiting yak breeding families to learn more about their lifestyle. We offer traditional games and a handpicked selection of Mongolian movies for your free time. A walk at the lakeshore, along with grazing yaks and cute little ruddy shelducks and bar-headed geese round out your experience. Lake Forest Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the lake and its surrounding areas.

N50’29’1,300” E100’9’37,600”