Tour Question

  • How is the drinking water?

    There are river streams and wells everywhere and they are as pure as crystal. Mineral waters may be prepared at your requirement. Also there are bottled water in supermarkets.

  • Is there any possibility to have shower during the site trip?

    Our ger lodges in the Gobi and Terelj are equipped by shower, there you can have a shower.

  • What is the travel like?

    For over 2300 years, the Mongols and their ancestors have been roaming over this sacred land of camels wandering the Gobi desert and wild horses galloping freely across the steppes. We loved, tended and lived in harmony with our nature until now. Only by seeing it in your own eyes, you will understand why Mongolia is called the Land of Blue Sky.

  • What kind of food will I have?

    Main food in Mongolia consists of beef or mutton, including different kinds of vegetables, rice and flour. You can find many kinds of restaurants of different ethnicities, like Mongolian, European, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Chinese. Also a popular chicken restaurant chain has established its branch in the Capital city. But a traditional food, Khorkhog, or marmot barbecue, is particularly worth experiencing. It is a mix of mutton chops, water, potatoes, onions, carrots and hot stones in a kettle on a fire with red hot stones. This cooking style makes the mutton taste tender and juicy. The other style Boodog is also made of other meat, usually goat, and is similar to the Khorkhog with one major difference: the meat, vegetables, water and stones are cooked inside the skin of the animal. You can ask one delicious meal for your tour operator to arrange you one.

  • Camera and Video

    All museums, monasteries and historical site displays and arts demonstrations charge you with a particular fee.

  • Safety

    Mongolia is generally a very safe place to travel. However, incidences of pick pocketing and bag slashing have been on the rise in recent years, so always keep your personal belongings in a safe place (money belts are highly recommended), especially in crowded areas or in places where your attention is diverted, such as internet cafes . Notorious places for theft are the Black Market (bazaar), the railway station and crowded bus stops. Violent crime is uncommon, but still caution is required at night, and dark or deserted alleys and streets, in particular, should be avoided. Lone or female travelers obviously need to exercise a higher degree of awareness of their surroundings. Be careful when travelling by horse as it is not unknown for groups to follow tourists and then steal their goods, including the horses, while they sleep at night. Dogs in Mongolia can be aggressive and may run in packs. It is a good idea to be wary of them since they are not likely to be as tame as domestic dogs elsewhere.

  • Gifts and Souvenirs

    Mongolia is the best place for cashmere products. As one of the leading countries in the production of cashmere, it offers the cheapest prices for the highest quality and design. Lately cashmere production is developing rapidly and being very fashionable. As a gift for the one you care, you can buy beautifully ornamented art crafts which usually use nomadic life.

  • Insurance

    Out travel agency will supply travel insurance if requested. Mongolia, is a peaceful country though. However, we highly recommend all tourists have their own insurance back at their referring countries.

  • Guide

    We provide our guests with professional guides with referring languages.

  • What visa requirements are there?

    Each and every individual must have at least 6 months validity on it, and you will also need a visa. Mongolian visas are issued by Mongolian Diplomatic Mission abroad or upon arrival at a special request. We will service visa if you requested.