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Getting to Mongolia


Soon Ulaanbaatar city is opening up its new airport which will increase the number of direct flights and hopefully flight expenses. Right now, Mongolia has a direct flight to 10 cities in the world and major aviation includes:

Domestic Airlines

Flight Destination

Mongolian Airlines

Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, HongKong, Seoul, Guangzhou

Hunnu Air


Aero Mongolia 


International Airlines 

Number of Flights to Mongolia

Air China

Beijing – Daily

Tianjin Air

Tianjin – 3 times a week

Korean Air

Seoul – 6 times a week


Seoul – 3 times a week


Pusan – 3 times a week

Turkish Airline 

Istanbul via Bishkek – 3 times a week,


Moscow – 4 times a week

Angara Airlines 

Irkutsk – twice a week


Astana – twice a week


One way of traveling to Mongolia is to board the Trans-Siberian train from Beijing or from Moscow if you have the time. It takes 5 days to travel from Moscow, 23 hours from Beijing, 13 hours from Irkutsk in Russia. Please contact us for details.