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Tour Highlights

Opportunity to see the last surviving populations of wild horses in the world “Prejewalski's horse” in Khustai National Park| Visit to Kharkhorin, where ancient capital city of Mongol Empire existed in 12th century| Explore Erdene Zuu monastery, very first Buddist Monastery of the country| Visit Gobi Desert and explore dinosaur fossils in Flaming Cliff, climb Sand Dunes and hike in| Volture Valley- spectacular landscape & lifestyle of the Gobi;| Enjoy an idyllic landscape of thick evergreen forests, crystal-clear streams and lakes| Drive through 13th century village near Ulaanbaatar city & experience the life of Chinggis Khaan’s time

Tour Details

  • Mid-May through Mid-October every year
  • 12 days
  • 3500

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