Tour Question


To be the leading tour company with superior, high-quality service and nature-friendly, sustainable, adhered to the responsible tourism principles in its activity.

Our values include: 

• Run responsible business - Our customers will always be our priority. We focus on providing caring, heartfelt service and work to make their time in Mongolia comfortable, safe and full of good memories. We stay consistent in our goal to stay reliable. 

• Respectful to nature: We follow ecotourism principles and operate in sustainable ways. We see the nature of Mongolia as the most important wealth of our company and our country. 

• Real value: We know the value of time and money. We work to bring the best values to our customers and to the investors. 

• Strong team: A core of the best service is our team. We are united by a common goal and created a friendly, supportive environment. We believe our team is the strongest. 

• Support local community: Our success will reach the local community and will be shared for their benefits.