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Number of reindeers reaches 1855

In 2015, the number of the reindeer in Mongolia increased by 177 bringing the total to 1855.

Traditionally reindeer hearders, the Tsaatan people, live in the northern Mongolian province of Khuvsgul Province around the country’s most beautiful lake, the eponymous Khuvsgul Nuur. The Mongolian Government has decided to provide monthly financial support to the Tsaatan in order to improve their living standards and also to restore the reindeer population; currently, due to dire conditions many of the reindeer end up as food for the Tsaatan. The Government program bears the unimaginative name – “Tsaatan, who live in Taiga” (Taiga is a Russian word meaning dense northern forest). In short, this project aims to increase the number of reindeers and thereby attract more tourists to this beautiful corner of the country. A further aim is to help Tsaatan children achieve academic success and to go on to university.