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General Manager

Duuya worked her way up, first as a guide, then as a trip leader, a few years in operation and logistics, and in sales for the last 16 years. Now she runs Wellspring Voyage with passion, to bring the best of Mongolia to you. She is an adventurous and active person, climbing snow capped mountains, driving Russian van in Gobi desert in search of wild animals, riding horses in the forest, organizing local festivals or simply staying at our lodges to enjoy the endless beauty of the nature.


Founder and Director

Battuya started her career in tourism successfully running Dream Gobi Lodge, in 2008. When one lodge grew up to be several, she decided to deliver no middle man travel packages to her customers.  Battuya is the head and heart of the group company, well respected for her honest, persistent and dependable personality.



Hischge brings paper-based itinerary to life. She hires guides and drivers, briefs them with every known detail and makes sure the trip is implemented accordingly. She oversees the cooperation with vendors, verifying the fluency and quality of the service. Hischge is fluent in German, well-focused, and well organized, there is not much misses her attention.


Sales and Support


has officially joined our team after he earned his degree in hospitality management at the prestigious university in Mongolia. He was working as a tour guide for us and we were very happy to bring him into our support team. Maagaa is a sympathetic and caring person - often appreciated by our customers for his responsiveness and perceptiveness. Maagaa likes to play basketball which doesn't surprise us as he is 5.9 f/180cm, the tallest in our team. He is often found to be brimming with happiness coming up with the optimized itinerary for our travelers' request.



Solongo books our hotels, ger lodges, restaurants, and flights. She is often found to be checking and confirming the bookings and double checking the double checks. Solongo is a soft-spoken and a modest person. But when it comes to working with our partners, she excels at open communication and firm professionalism.



Muunuu is the know-it-how member of our team. He often quotes "When there is internet, there is nothing you can not learn". He makes sure our websites are user friendly, newsletters are reaching the customers timely, and travel itineraries are designed comprehensively. Muunuu has a degree in financial management, but he only enjoys the technical part of his profession where he would be analyzing the data. He is a sarcastic, logical and competent youth whom we rely on to fix all the technical and electronic issues.



Baaghi sometimes shows up at our office, meet and mingle with the team members and makes jokes and have fun. It is nice to get his support but also he makes sure we will be in charge of our own work.



Chimgee is a natural born instructor, her team learns fastest and often beats the deadlines - which helps a lot to maintain a good reputation among our vendors for fast transactions. Chimgee likes to work hard, play hard and add a few new shoes to her precious collection.


Foreign Relations

Bolor is fluent in Japanese and runs the Jamo Toraberu Groups' cooperation with Japanese companies. He is an attentive, thorough, and approachable person. Bolor's hobby is to create things out of nothing, He builds bookshelves fixes broken furniture which is a very helpful hobby for everyone.



Duu makes sure the supply reaches the one in need timely, the lodges are well furnished and well-stocked and conduct the purchases for everything everybody needs. Her hobby is to do shopping which guarantees her extensive knowledge of what/where to buy.


Human Resource

Dulmaa hires and manages the employees at our lodges and runs the training program. Dulmaa is an honest, easygoing and caring person. She maintains a good balance of job requirements and employment benefits.



Tuya conducts online and physical transactions making sure to maintain our good reputation among the vendors. Soft-spoken and honest person, Tuya keeps harmony among team members.


Lake Forest Lodge Manager

Erchmee runs the Lake Forest Lodge with confidence and perfect maintenance. He's a multi-talented manager who is found to be drawing a map for our travelers, fixing electrical problems, setting up a camera system, guiding a horseback riding, and holding a friendly conversation with our travelers and making sure their stay at the lodge is comforting and welcoming.


Dream Gobi Lodge Manager

Ulzii runs Dream Gobi Lodge with persistency. She is a hardworking person to wake up first and work hard leading her team. Ulzii follows up on each issue and solutions, proving her responsible and reliable sides. Her efficiency and speed shows when she is ruthlessly beating everyone at ping pong games.


Terelj Hills Lodge Manager

Hishgee runs Terelj Hills Lodge with determination. She is a relentless executive who doesn't give up and sees the end of any task. Hishgee charms our travelers with her demure nature and charges into the kitchen with her superb cooking skills if need be.



Ochiroo is the wizard of our team. There isn't much he can not do when it comes to maintenance. He makes sure all the gers at the lodges are standing secure and waterproof and all the tools we need are properly functioning on top of providing endless entertainment to us. Ochiroo is a great singer with a beautiful voice and a core organizer of team hangouts and meetings.


Asset manager

Oyunaa manages the company assets on top of financial reporting. We stay appreciative of her to get paid on time without missing a day. Oyunaa is a life long learner always looking for a chance to learn new.



Byambaa is a quietly strong and observant character who focuses on any work with 100 percent attention and completes them with speed and quality. Byambaa is often found to be shy and trying to make herself even more petite than she already is. It doesn't always work as she smiles and we can't help but notice the strength that shines through.


Dream Gobi Lodge Bartender

Emma is an energetic soul with spring in her walk. There is nothing that gets in her way to smile, laugh and have fun. She holds the soul of the team with her flexibility managing the day to day operation of the lodge.