Tour Question


Teresa Correale / 90 years old / Rome, Italy
Service and food are excellent! Very, very clean!!! Thank you "Dream Gobi Lodge" staffs! August 11, 2011

Kirsten and Poul, Denmark
It is a very lovely place. We enjoyed that you made food with such innovative touches. Everything was perfect. Thank you! July 3, 2012

Air Force USA and USA Embassy in MONGOLIA
Food, service, accommodation are excellent. We like all of Dream Gobi lodge’s things. Good luck. Wish you best of best. August 26 2010

Lucille Stern
Dream Gobi Lodge! Thank you for a memorable birthday party. The birthday cake was not only delicious, but was decorated with my name. The staff without exception are friendly, warm and welcoming. I had a wonderful stay in your ger and hope to see you again.

Rossella and Tommaso Costellazzi, Italy
Dream Gobi Lodge - the best camp we have never found in Mongolia! A likely and unexpected surprise in the middle of the Gobi desert. We are welcome at our arrival by a friendly, high professional and very kind staff, leaded by a very efficient Manager. Lunch is like a dinner at 5 star restaurant. The chef creates surprising menus. Our ger is comfortable and very clean. Bathroom as well!!! The “maitre” gives us also a lot of explanations on local traditions and environments. Scenaries at sunshine and sunrise are relaxing and in-writable! The dinner of the second day was surprising us with a delicious caviar “visotto”! In one word: UNFORGETTABLE!!! August 10, 2010

Trish Navarre Bellingham, Washington, USA
As an American and an environmentalist, I found my stay at Dream Gobi Lodge a dream indeed. The first rate accommodations were tempered by gentle reminders of the importance of conservation in the delicate eco-system known as the Gobi. To find low-flush toilets and wonderful hot water showers in the midst of the steppes seemed indeed like a dream. The food was unbelievably delicious, diverse, and the talented staff stood by ready to handle any request or need. The gorgeous main yurt, which houses the showers, kitchen and bathrooms, is a testament to great design combined with functional elegance. A two story bar/lounge forms the centermost part of the upper story which also provides a stunning view of the surrounding terrain. Sunrises and sunsets are particularly spectacular and there are many interesting areas to explore with the talented guides that reside at the resort. On many levels, Dream Gobi is an oasis in the desert and I heartily recommend this spot to anyone looking for a chance to experience this amazing part of Mongolia while wishing to be spoiled by the many amenities available here. September 3, 2011

Nancy Rash, Burleson, Texas, USA
What a great trip and a wonderful stay at this camp! The staff are all fantastic and helpful in every way. The meals were delicious. We thoroughly enjoyed the facilities, especially the shower and toilet attached to our ger. The carpet on the floor is great. I hope to return some day. July 10, 2012

Any Pierce and Maryann Barrell, USA
The Dream Gobi Lodge is really a dream! The service and hospitality are wonderful! The accommodations are so comfortable! This is truly the best camp we’ve stayed in! Thank you for a wonderful experience! August 14, 2013

Julie Brauser, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
I didn’t know what to expect but your camp exceeded all my expectations. The staff, the service and accommodations were AWESOME! Also, thank you for the special touches – the way you greet and wave good bye to us each day! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Heather&Kathy Randell, New York, USA
My mom and I had a wonderful time at Dream Gobi Lodge! Bolor and Battuya were the kindest hosts and their daughter Tuya was the cutest, sweetest 5 year old I’ve met in a while! The gers were comfortable, the food was delicious and the restaurant / bar was beautiful! I highly recommend Dream Gobi Lodge for anyone who wants to have an unforgettable experience in Mongolia! Thanks again and we wish you much success! June 15, 2013

Rita Diffanni, Florida USA
Wonderful service, smiling faces, gentle people, great accommodations and great food!!! Don’t change a thing. Thanks for a lifetime experience.

Bill Copper, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Excellent service and great food. Everybody is very friendly and nice. It’s nice to have chairs outside in the evening so we could sit and talk while the sun is going down. Beds are very comfortable and it is nice having a toilet and shower attached to the ger.

Diane Graig, Miami, Florida
The BEST!!! Staff was wonderful so accommodating and friendly. We really thought we would be “roughing it” and found many aspects of a 4 star hotel. The dining area and bar made for a friendly meeting place. Gers were comfortable and having a private bath was such a pleasant surprise. Much continued success!

Professor David W. and children, Los Angeles
Dream Gobi camp is an outstanding ger camp located between Dalanzadgad and Bulgan soum in Southern Gobi Desert. It is convenience located within a one hour drive of the Flaming Cliffs, Gobi dunes, Yol Valley. Food is excellent and prepared to very high western standards with a super clean kitchen. The owner Bolor is very friendly and accommodating. Best of all they have in the ger bathroom and toilets!!! This ger camp is the best one in Mongolia!